Testimony of Fabien Reynaud

Testimony of Fabien Reynaud

Testimony from Fabien REYNAUD - Product Manager at Roki.

Leveraging the power of Generated By for the development of a ticket management tool feature

"As an experienced product manager with 5 years of experience, I have designed and implemented numerous internal tool features for different organizations. Recently, I took on the challenge of developing a major feature for an internal ticket management tool. To this end, I used GeneratedBy, and I am delighted to share my feedback.

  1. The main challenge I faced during this project was to create user journeys for external users, product managers, and developers, while synthetically describing the screens to be designed.
  2. The feature we developed allowed both external and internal users to report a bug and efficiently manage the entire process with all users of the application.
  3. GeneratedBy played an essential role in ensuring the project's success. It allowed me to define an efficient prompt very quickly and to frame the subject in a very short time.
  4. The impact of using GeneratedBy on the project duration and overall efficiency was significant. The results were more reliable than what I could have produced without using the tool. In addition, the time spent on the project was at least divided by 7 compared to a manual approach.
  5. Compared to other tools I have used in the past, GeneratedBy really stands out. As a user of the free version of ChatGPT, I noticed a significant gap in quickly getting to an efficient prompt, with the variable feature greatly improving the accuracy of requirements and, therefore, results. Also, I found that access to ChatGPT 4 provides even more qualitative responses.

Overall, GeneratedBy proved to be a valuable asset and a real catalyst for the successful development of our ticket management feature. It not only improved efficiency but also helped maintain a consistent user experience for all stakeholders. As a product manager with 5 years of experience, I highly recommend adopting GeneratedBy to optimize the development process and thus facilitate the realization of ambitious and efficient projects."

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